On 6-7 Nov 2017, a first social contact data Hackathon took place at Hasselt University.

Participants: Emanuele Del Fava (Bocconi University), Pete Dodd (Sheffield), Sebastian Funk (LSHTM), Thomas Kovac (SIMID), James Munday (LSHTM), Yannick Vandendijck (SIMID), Moritz Wagner (LSHTM), Lander Willem (SIMID), Pietro Coletti (SIMID), Niel Hens (SIMID), Thang Hoang (SIMID), Jan van de Kassteele (RIVM)

Results of the Hackathon:

  • The launch of this website
  • Creation of a Zenodo community called Socialcontactdata which includes the Polymod data (Mossong et al. 2008)
  • Extending the R-library SocialMixR with data analysis methods