We are happy to promote the socialmixr package in R to derive social mixing matrices from survey data.

For an overview of methods we refer to:

Hens, Niel and Wallinga, Jacco (2019) Design and Analysis of Social Contact Surveys Relevant for the Spread of Infectious Diseases. Wiley Statsref

Vandendijck, Yannick, Camarda, Carlo, G., Hens, Niel (2018) Cohort-based Smoothing Methods for Age-specific Contact Rates, bioRxiv 290551

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Willem, Lander, Hoang, Van Thang, Funk, Sebastian; Coletti, Pietro; Beutels, Philippe and Hens, Niel. (2020) SOCRATES: An online tool leveraging a social contact data sharing initiative to assess mitigation strategies for COVID-19, BMC Res Notes. 13 (1) 293

If you feel like contributing, please let us know.