Welcome to socialcontactdata.org !

This website is created with the purpose of sharing social contact data and data analysis methods between researchers in infectious diseases modelling. Following our systematic literature review, corresponding authors were contacted to share their data subject to ethical approvals and GDPR compliance. 

Hoang, Coletti, Melegaro, Wallinga, Grijalva, Edmunds, Beutels, Hens.  A Systematic Review of Social Contact Surveys to Inform Transmission Models of Close-contact Infections, Epidemiology (2019) 30(5) p723-736

All datasets listed on this website come with a license and are the property of their respective owners. When using data from the repositories, please cite both the paper and the repository using the corresponding doi.

To facilitate the use of this open-source data, we created an online tool to extract and analyse social contact patterns.

We are always looking for additional material and methods. Please do not hesitate to contact us.